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Oral sessions

Type Speaker Country Title
PL Fairbanks J. USA Vehicular Thermoelectric Applications
I1 Brignone M. Italy High-efficiency thermoelectric generator based on heat regeneration
O1 Chatterjee S. India Thermoelectrically heated / cooled  wheeled stretcher
I2 Grandjean F. Belgium A nuclear inelastic scattering study of the dynamics in filled and clathrates
O2 Prytz O. Norway Transmission electron microscopy search for defects and disorder causing the low thermal conductivity of Zn4Sb3
O3 Shimizu H. Japan Raman study of type-I germanium clathrate I8Sb8Ge38 at 1 bar and high pressures
O4 Kume T. Japan Raman and XRD study of type-I clathrate Ba8Ga16Ge30
I3 Bulat L.P. Russia On the effective kinetic coefficients of thermoelectric nanocomposites
O5 Coqblin B. France Effect of pressure and hydrogenation on the thermoelectric power of cerium compounds
O6 Wiendlocha B. Poland Electronic structure and transport properties of Mo3Sb7-xTex
O7 Müller K.H. Australia Thermoelectric properties of an array of molecular junctions
O8 Gurevich Yu.G. Mexico Novel approach for thermoelectricity
I4 Vasilevskiy D. Canada Thermoelectric extruded alloys for module manufacturing: 10 years of development at Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal
O9 Vaqueiro P. UK Synthesis, characterization and thermoelectric performance of the new metal-rich tellurides MGeTe (M = Co, Rh)
O10 Gelbstein Y. Israel Electronic mechanisms of micro-hardness enhancement in Pb1‑xSnxTe based alloys
O11 Powell A.V. UK Thermoelectric properties of complex main-group tellurides
I5 Fleurial J.P. USA Nanostructured bulk thermoelectric materials
O12 Dashevsky Z. Israel Thermoelectric properties of nanocrystalline p-type Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 thin films

Viskadourakis Z.

Guilmeau E.




Preliminary results on In2O3/In2Ge2O7 composites
O14 Vedernikov M.V. Russia Thermoelectric properties of InSb nanowires above room temperature

Rogacheva E.I.

Weidenkaff A.




Nanostructured thermoelectric perovskites
I6 Semenyuk V. Ukraine On-chip hot spot cooling: forcasts and reality
O16 Boulouz A. Morocco CANCELED
O17 Leonov V. Belgium Self-supported and membrane-supported bulk-micromachined thermopiles for energy scavengers
O18 Arenas-Alonso A. Spain Full-size prototype of active thermal windows based on thermoelectricity
I7 Rogl P. Austria Ba8{Cu,Zn,Pd}xGe46-x clathrates
O19 Alleno E. France Structure and electron density in Ba8ZnXGe46-x-y[ ]y
O20 Leszczynski J. France Studies of indium influence on transport properties of partially filed InxCo4Sb12
O21 Baitinger M. Germany A new synthesis route to intermetallic clathrates with controlled composition
I8 Koumoto K. Japan Giant TE properties generated from SrTiO3-based superlattices
I9 Bérardan D. France Promising ZT values in Ge-doped In2O3 n-type thermoelectric oxide
O22 Bobroff J. France Relation between magnetism and thermoelectricity in sodium and misfit cobaltates
O23 Berthelot R. France Chemical design of layered cobaltites for thermoelectric applications
O24 Wiff J.P. Japan Correlations between thermoelectric properties and lattice compression in Al-ZnO ceramics
I10 Mueller E. Germany


O25 Ershova L.B. Russia Optimal thermoelectric cooling in laser diode sub-assemblies
O26 Lemonnier S. France All oxide thermoelectric devices: Comparison between conventional and “unileg” architecture
O27 Jaegle M. Germany

Multiphysics simulation of thermoelectric systems

I11 Fedorov M.I. Russia The features of silicide thermoelectrics development
O28 Zhou A.J. China Effect of ball milling on the phase constitution and microstructure of the induction melted Higher Manganese Silicides and their thermoelectric properties
O29 Chamoire A. France Complex antimonides with anti-Th3P4 structure
O30 Mars K. France Thermoelectric properties of p- and n- type Mg2Si compounds obtained by melting method
I12 Lenoir B. France Summary on materials
I13 Rowe M.D. UK Summary on devices


Poster sessions 1: July 2nd, 2008

Number Authors Title

Petri D., Jastak M., Schlecht S.

Synthesis of single phase Bi4Te3 nanoparticles and ternary phases in the MIVTe-Sb2Te3-systems (MIV = Sn, Pb)

Erk C., Berger A., Schlecht S., Wendorff J.

Template assisted synthesis of nanoscale layers of lead selenide and lead telluride

Sokolov O.B., Skipidarov S.Ya., Duvankov N.I., Ivanova L.D., Petrova L.I., Granatkina Yu.V., Zemskov V.S.

Study of the hot extruded alloys of the bismuth and antimony chalcogenides solid solutions

Ceresara S., Giunchi G., Bassani P., Fanciulli C.

Effect of cold ECAE on the thermoelectric properties of Bi-Sb 15 At% alloy
P1-05 Abrutin V.N., Holopkin A.I., Nesterov S.B., Romanko V.A Model of thermoelectric material composed from nanoparticles
P1-06 Abrutin V.N., Narva O.M. Investigation of mechanical characteristics and peculiarities of plastic deformation and destruction of the extruded thermoelectric “n”-type alloy Bi2Te2.4 Se0.6, when compressing in the temperature range of 293-523K

Shu-Hui Wang, Ren-Jye Wu, Wen-Hsuan Chao, Yung-Chi Chen



Imai T., Kume T., Sasaki S.,  Shimizu H., Kaltzoglou A., Fässler T.F.

Study of type-I tin clathrates Cs8Sn44[ ]2 and Rb8Sn44[ ] 2
P1-09 Drabkin I.A., Ershova L.B. Electrical contact resistance in thermoelectric pellets based on Bi-Sb chalcogenides
P1-10 Shelimova L.E., Zhitinskaya M.K., Nemov S.A., Svechnikova T.E., Konstantinov P.P., Avilov E.S., Kretova M.A., Zemskov V.S.


P1-11 Vedernikov M.V., Uryupin O.N., Shabaldin A.A., Ivanov Y.V., Kumzerov Y.A., Fokin A.V. Thermoelectric properties of InSb nanowires above room temperature => O14
P1-12 Isachenko G.N., Zaitsev V.K., Fedorov M.I., Konstantinov P.P., Samunin A.Yu. The features of energy spectrum of Mg2Si1-xSnx solid solutions
P1-13 Samunin A.Yu., Zaitsev V.K., Fedorov M.I., Konstantinov P.P., Isachenko G.N., Vedernikov M.V. Thermoelectric properties of hot pressed Mg2Si1-xSnx alloys
P1-14 Anatychuk L.I., Kobylyanskiy R.R., Kuz’R.V., Luste O.J., Nitsovich O.V., Pribyla A.V. New thermoelement types
P1-15 Jacquot A., Jaegle M. A primer in theoretical physics applied to thermoelectricity
P1-16 Nagasawa K., Nakatsugawa H., Okamoto Y. Thermoelectric properties and crystal structures of Au doped composites
P1-17 Komura M., Kume T., Sasaki S., Shimizu H., Viennois R., Girard L., Ravot D. Raman study of unfilled skutterudite CoSb3 under high pressure
P1-18 Astrain D., Vián J.G., Martínez A., Rodríguez A. Study of the influence of the thermal resistance in a thermoelectric generation system
P1-19 Vián J.G., Astrain D., Rodríguez A. Domestic refrigerator with cold production by vapour compression and thermoelectricity
P1-20 Alvarez-Quintana J.,  Rodriguez-Viejo J., Alvarez X., Jou D., Bernardi A., Lacharmoise P.D., Alonso M.I., Gońi A.R. Thermal conductivity of uncorrelated Ge quantum dot superlattices Best poster
P1-21 Rodríguez A., Vián  J.G.; Astrain D. Design and thermal analysis of the components in a thermoelectric finger ice-maker incorporated in a domestic refrigerator
P1-22 Chen M., Zhang J.; Rosendahl L.; Condra T.

Numerical and experimental optimization of thermoelectric modules for power generation
P1-23 Kaltzoglou A.; Fässler T. F.

New type-I clathrates A8Hg3Ge43 (A = K, Rb)
P1-24 Navrátil J., Plecháček T; Drašar Č.; Vlček M.; Beneš L. Effect of partial La filling of Co4Ge6Te6 ternary skutterudite on their thermoelectric properties.
P1-25 Mallik R. C., Stiewe C., Karpinski G., Müller E. Thermoelectric properties of CoSb3 and In0.5CoSb3  skutterudite materials
P1-26 Da Ros V., Candolfi C., Leszczynski J., Dauscher A., Lenoir B., Clarke S.J. Atomic displacement parameters in skutterudite compounds RxCo4Sb12 (R = Ca, In, Yb)
P1-27 Kobayashi W., Guilmeau E., Hébert S., Pelloquin D., Martin C., Maignan A. Thermoelectric transition metal oxides based on 2D triangular networks/ the case of misfits and Delafossite structures.
P1-28 Weidenkaff A., Robert R., Bocher L., Tomes P., Trottmann M., Aguirre M.H. Perovskite-type thermoelectric oxides and oxynitrides
P1-29 Freunek M., Reindl L., Walker W.D.

Modified Model for Thermoelectric Generators
P1-30 Berthebaud D., Pikul A.P., Tougait O., Noël H., Kaczorowski D. Thermoelectric properties of ternary compounds from the Ce-Fe-Si
P1-31 Schaeuble N., Aguirre M. H, Robert R., Weidenkaff A Synthesis and thermoelectric properties of aluminium-doped zinc oxide
P1-32 Zhao X.B., Mi J.L., Cao Y.Q., Zhu T. J.


P1-33 Philippidis A., Papageorgioy Ch., Kyratsi TH., Trikalitis P.N. Synthesis and characterization of Sb2Te nanostructures
P1-34 Ikeuchi S., Shimada K., Takasaki Y., Ishii Y., Yamamoto A., Noguchi T., Kato Y. Development of Measurement Tools for R&D of Novel Thermoelectric Material


Poster sessions 2: July 3rd, 2008

Number Authors Title
P2-01 Picht, O., Cornelius, T.W., Müller, S., Rauber, M. , Neumann, R. Controlled fabrication of bismuth telluride nanowires by electrodeposition in ion-track based polymer templates
P2-02 Kenfaui D., Chateigner D., Gomina M., Noudem J.G.

Mechanical and anisotropic properties of Ca3Co4O9 thermoelectric ceramics processed by Hot-Pressing and Spark Plasma Sintering
P2-03 Flage-Larsen E., Lřvvik O.M. Thermoelectric properties of filled skutterudites from first principles
P2-04 Ikeuchi S., Endo S., Shimada K., Takasaki Y., Ishii Y., Yamamoto A.

Evaluation of homogeneity by micro-scale measurement of thermal and electric properties using thermal probe
P2-05 Han S.W., Choi H. J.; Kim B.I., Kim O.J.


P2-06 Korzhuev M.A., Nichezina I.Yu.

P2-07 Pedrazzini P., Jaccard D. Thermopower of Cerium compounds and alloys at very high pressures
P2-08 López A., Villasevil F., Noriega G. CANCELED

P2-09 Qiu K., Hayden A.C.S. A 1kW thermoelectric power generation system for micro-cogeneration
P2-10 Pasturel M, Roisnel T., Potel M., Tougait O., Noel H.; Pikul A., Kaczorowski D. Transport properties of ternary intermetallic compounds in the U-Ru-Si system
P2-11 Jaegle M., Jacquot A. 3Omega-methode made easier

P2-12 Zhang L., Grytsiv A.; Rogl P., Bauer E., Kerber M Influence of grain size on TE - properties Best poster
P2-13 Royanian E.,Valade A., Bauer E., Chen X., Podloucky R., Grytsiv A., Melnychenko-Koblyuk N., Rogl P.

Thermoelectric properties of MPt4Ge12 (M=Sr,Ba,Eu)
P2-14 Stein N., Gravier L., Goupil Frantz C., Yu H., Granville S., Ansermet J-Ph. Synthesis of bismuth telluride nanowires
P2-15 Lazard M., Fraisse G.,Goupil C., H. Scherrer Thermal analysis of a thermoelectric leg: a way to non-conventional device design
P2-16 Popovich N.S. Spinodal decomposition in (A3B5C62)1-x (2A4B6)x  system - a new approach for suppressed lattice thermal conductivity of lead chalcogenide - based  thermoelectric materials.
P2-17 Carlier D., Blangero M., Ménétrier M., Pollet M., Doumerc J.P., Delmas C. Sodium ion mobility in NaxCoO2 (0.5 < x < 1) cobaltites studied by 23Na MAS NMR
P2-18 Hatzikraniotis E, Zorbas K, Triandafyllis I., Paraskevopoulos K.M. Study of thermoelectric power generators and application in a small sized car
P2-19 SavelliG., Plissonnier M., Remondičre V. CANCELED

P2-20 Anatychuk L.I., Cherkez R.G. Permeable planar cooling thermoelement
P2-21 Tena-Zaera R., Alleno E., Bastide S., Lévy-Clément C., Godart C. Bi2Se3 nanocrystalline powders synthesized in solution from H2Se electrochemically generated in-situ
P2-22 Ben-Yehuda O., Sasson Y., Gelbstein Y., Kimmel G., Dashevsky Z. Development of thermoelectric thin films based on Bi2Te3
P2-23 Nagayoshi H.., Tokumitsu K., Maiwa H., Kajikawa T.

High efficiency maximum power point tracking power conditioner for TEG systems
P2-24 Wojciechowski K., Zak A., Zybala R.

Preparation and properties of Ag1-xSb1+xSe1.5Te0.5  single crystals
P2-25 Guilmeau E., Bérardan D., Maignan A., Raveau B. Carrier concentration and thermoelectric properties of doped In2O3
P2-26 Gonçalves A.P., Lopes E.B., Alleno E., Godart C. New materials for thermoelectric applications
P2-27 Böhme B., Vermechuk I., Baitinger M., Grin Y.

A new synthesis route to intermetallic clathrates with controlled composition => O-21
P2-28 Sun P., Oeschler N., Steglich F., Johnsen S., Iversen B.B. Enhanced thermopower of the narrow-gap semiconductor FeSb2
P2-29 Philippidis A., Papageorgioy Ch., Kyratsi TH., Trikalitis P.N. Synthesis and characterization of Sb2Te nanostructures => P1-33
P2-30 Michel J.A., Bassa A., Yan Chao, Wagner M.J. CANCELED

P2-31 Drabkin I.A., Ershova L.B., Gochua K.V. Optimization of thermoelectric generator with segmented elements 

Gurevich A.

Development of low temperature air cooled thermoelectric cold plate
P2-33 Candolfi C., Da Ros V., Leszczynski J., Dauscher A., Lenoir B., Bellouard C., Hejtmanek J., Wiendlocha B., Tobola J. Thermoelectric properties of the Mo3-xRuxSb7 compounds

M. Scheele, A. Kornowski, H. Weller

Synthesis of bismuth telluride nanoparticles

Ruleova P., Drasar C., Benes L., Lostak P., Li C.-P., Kong H, Uher C.

Bi2O2Se – a possible thermoelectric material ?


ECT2008- Authors'list

Author Contribution
Abrutin V.N. P1-05; P1-06
Aguirre M.H. P1-28; P1-31
Alleno E. O-19;P2-21; P2-26
Alonso M.I. P1-20
Alvarez X. P1-20
Alvarez-Quintana J. P1-20
Anatychuk L.I. P1-14; P2-20
Ansermet J-Ph. P2-14
Arenas-Alonso A. O-18
Astrain D. P1-18; P1-19; P1-21
Baitinger M. O-21
Bartel M. O-27
Bassani P. P1-04
Bastide S. P2-21
Bauer E. I-7; P2-12; P2-13
Belforte L. I-1
Bellouard C. O-20; P2-33
Beneš L. P1-24; P2-35
Ben-Yehuda O. P2-22
Bérardan D. I-9; P2-25
Berger A. P1-02
Bernardi A. P1-20
Berthebaud D. P1-30
Berthelot R. O-23
Blair R. I-5
Blangero M. P2-17
Bobroff J. O-22
Bocher L. P1-28
Böhme B. O-21
Böttner H. O-27
Boulouz A. O-16
Boulouz M. O-16
Brignone M. I-1
Bulat L.P. I-3
Bux S. I-5
Candolfi C. O-6; O-20; P1-26, P2-33
Carlier D. P2-17
Carlier-Larregaray D. O-23
Ceresara S. P1-04
Carrillo-Cabrera W. O-19
Chamoire A. O-29
Chaput L. O-30
Chateigner D. P2-02
Chatterjee S. O-1
Chen G. I-5
Chen M. P1-22
Chen X. P2-13
Cherkez R.G. P2-20
Chevalier B. O-5
Clarke S.J. P1-26
Condra T. P1-22
Coqblin B. O-5
Cornelius T.W. P2-01
Da Ros V. O-20; P1-26; P2-33
Dariel M.P. O-10
Dashevsky Z. O-12; O-10; P2-22
Dauscher A. O-6; O-20; P1-26; P2-33
Delmas C. O-23; P2-17
Doumerc J.P. O-23; P2-17
Drabkin I.A. P1-09, P2-31.
Drašar Č. P1-24; P2-35
Dresselhaus M.S. I-5; O-15
Durand G. I-7
Duvankov N.I. P1-03
Ebling D. O-27
Endo S. P2-04
Erk C. P1-02
Ershova L.B. O-25; P1-09, P2-31
Estournes C. O-29
Fairbanks J.W. PL-01
Fanciulli C. P1-04
Fässler T.F. P1-08; P1-23
Fedorov M.I. I-11; P1-12; P1-13
Flage-Larsen E. P2-03
Fleurial J.P. I-5
Fokin A.V. O-14
Fraisse G. P2-15
Freunek M. P1-29
Fruchart D. O-30
Gascoin F. O-29
Gelbstein Y. O-10; P2-22
Giani A. O-16
Giester G. I-7
Girard L. P1-17
Giunchi G. P1-04
Gochua K.V. P2-31
Godart C. O-19; P2-21, P2-26
Goedbloed M. O-17
Gogna O. I-5
Gomina M. P2-02
Gonçalves A.P. P2-26
Gońi A.R. P1-20
Goupil C. O-26; P2-15
Goupil Frantz C. P2-14
Granatkina Yu.V. P1-03
Grandjean F. I-2
Granville S. P2-14
Gravier L. P2-14
Grin Y. O-19; O-21
Gromov G.G. O-25
Grytsiv A. I-7; P2-12; P2-13
Guilmeau E. I-9; O-26; P1-27; P2-25
Guinet F. O-09; O-11
Gunnćs A. E O-2
Gurevich A. P2-32
Gurevich Yu.G. O-8
Hatzikraniotis E P2-18
Hayden A.C.S. P2-09
Hébert S. O-22; P1-27
Hejtmanek J. O-6; O-20; P2-33
Hermann R.P. I-2
Holopkin A.I. P1-05
Ikeuchi S. P1-34; P2-04
Imai T. P1-08
Inui H. O-4
Isachenko G.N. P1-12; P1-13
Ishii Y. P1-34; P2-04
Ito C. O-24
Ivanov Y.V. O-14
Ivanova L.D. P1-03
Iversen B.B. P2-28
Jaccard D. P2-07
Jacquot A. O-27; P1-15; P2-11
Jaegle M. O-27; P1-15; P2-11
Jastak M. P1-01
Johnsen S. P2-28
Jones R.L. O-11
Jou D. P1-20
Kaczorowski D. P1-30; P2-10
Kaga H. O-24
Kajikawa T. P2-23
Kaldarar H. I-7
Kaltzoglou A. P1-08; P1-23
Kaner R. I-5
Kaprzyk S. O-6
Karpinski G. P1-25
Kasiyan V. O-12
Kato Y. P1-34
Kenfaui D. P2-02
Kerber M P2-12
Kimmel G. P2-22
Kinemuchi Y. O-24
King D. I-5
Kishida K. O-4
Kishimoto S. O-3
Kobayashi W. P1-27
Kobylyanskiy R.R. P1-14
Komura M. P1-17
Konstantinov P.P. P1-12; P1-13
Kornowski, A. P2-34
Kong H. P2-35
Koumoto K. I-8
Koutti L. O-16
Koyanagi T. O-3
Kume T. O-3; O-4; P1-08; P1-17
Kumzerov Y.A. O-14
Kuz’R.V. P1-14
Kyratsi TH. P1-33
Lacharmoise P.D. P1-20
Lackner R. I-7
Lazard M. P2-15
Lee H. I-5
Lemonnier S. O-26
Lenoir B. I-12; O-6; O-20; P1-26; P2-33
Leonov V. O-17
Leroy E. O-19
Leszczynski J. O-20; P1-26; P2-33
Lévy-Clément C. P2-21
Leyva-Bailen P. O-09
Li C.-P. P2-35
Long G.J. I-2
Lopes E.B. P2-26
Lostak P. P2-35
Lřvvik O.M. P2-03
Luste O.J. P1-14
Maignan A. I-9; O-22; P1-27; P2-25
Maillet G. O-19
Maiwa H. P2-23
Mallik R.C. P1-25
Mars K. O-30
Martin C. P1-27
Martínez A. P1-18
Masschelein P. O-20
Massut P. I-4
Melnychenko-Koblyuk N. I-7; P2-13
Mendels P. O-22
Ménétrier M. P2-17
Michor H. I-7
Mueller E. I-10; O-28
Müller E. O-20; P1-25
Müller K.H. O-7
Müller S. P2-01
Nagasawa K. P1-16
Nagayoshi H. P2-23
Nakatsugawa H. P1-16
Narva O.M. P1-06
Nashchekina O.N. O-15
Navrátil J. P1-24
Nesterov S.B. P1-05
Neumann R. P2-01
Nichezina I.Yu. P2-06
Nitsovich O.V. P1-14
Noël H. P1-30; P2-10
Noguchi T. P1-34
Noudem J.G. O-26; P2-02
Oe R. O-3
Oeschler N. P2-28
Ohishi Y. O-4
Ohno S. O-3; O-4
Ohta H. I-8
Okamoto N.L. O-4
Okamoto Y. P1-16
Osvensky V.B. I-3
Pagola L. O-18
Papageorgioy Ch. P1-33
Palacios R. O-18
Paraskevopoulos K.M. P2-18
Pascal-Delannoy F. O-16
Pasturel M. P2-10
Pedrazzini P. P2-07
Pelloquin D. O-22; P1-27
Petri D. P1-01
Petrova L.I. P1-03
Philippidis A. P1-33
Picht O. P2-01
Pikul A. P1-30; P2-10
Pivovarov G.I. I-3
Plecháček T P1-24
Plissonnier M. O-23
Podloucky R. P2-13
Pollet M. O-23; P2-17
Popovich N.S. P2-16
Potel M. P2-10
Powell A.V. O-11
Protsenko D. I-06
Pribyla A.V. P1-14
Prytz O. O-2
Qiu K. P2-09
Rauber M. P2-01
Raveau B. I-9; P2-25
Ravot D. O-29; P1-17
Reindl L. P1-29
Ren Z.F. I-5
Robert R. P1-28; P1-31
Rodríguez A. P1-18; P1-19; P1-21
Rodríguez-Pecharromán R. O-18
Rodriguez-Viejo J. P1-20
Rogacheva E.I. O-15
Rogl P. I-7; P2-12; P2-13
Roisnel T. P2-10
Romanko V.A. P1-05
Rosendahl L. P1-22
Rouleau O. O-19
Royanian E. I-7; P2-13
Ruleova P. P2-35
Samunin A.Yu. P1-12; P1-13
Sasaki S. O-3; O-4; P1-08; P1-17
Sasson Y. P2-22
Scheele M. P2-34
Scherrer H. O-30; P2-15
Schlecht S. P1-01; P1-02
Semenyuk V. I-6
Shabaldin A.A. O-14
Schaeuble N. P1-31
Shimada K. P1-34; P2-04
Shimizu H. O-3; O-4; P1-08; P1-17
Shumann J. O-16
Skipidarov S.Ya. P1-03
Simon P. O-19
Snarskii A.A. I-3
Snyder G.J. O-2
Sobany G.G. O-09
Sokolov O.B. P1-03
Steglich F. P2-28
Stephenson A. O-18
Stein N. P2-14
Stiewe C. O-20; O-28; P1-25
Sun P. P2-28
Taftř J. O-2
Takasaki Y. P1-34; P2-04
Tanaka K. O-4
Tang M.Y. I-5
Tay A.A.O. I-3
Tedenac J.C. O-29
Tena-Zaera R. P2-21
Toberer E.S. O-2
Tobola J. O-6; O-30; P2-33
Tokumitsu K. P2-23
Tomes P. P1-28
Tougait O. P1-39; P2-10
Triandafyllis I. P2-18
Trikalitis P.N. P1-33
Trottmann M. P1-28
Turenne S. I-4
Uher C. P2-35
Uryupin O.N. O-14
Valade A. P2-13
Van Andel Y. O-17
Vaqueiro P. O-09; O-11
Vasilevskiy D. I-4
Vedernikov M.V. O-14; P1-13
Vermechuk I. O-21
Vián J.G. P1-18; P1-19; P1-21
Viennois R. P1-17
Vlček M. P1-24
Vullers R.J.M. O-17
Walker W.D. P1-29
Wang D. I-5
Watari K. O-24
Weidenkaff A. P1-28; P1-31
Weller, H. P2-34
Wendorff J. P1-02
Wiendlocha B. O-6; P2-33
Wiff J.P. O-24
Wilcock I.M. O-11
Wojciechowski K. P2-24
Yamamoto A. P1-34; P2-04
Yammine J. O-19
Yu H. P2-14
Zaitsev V.K. I-11; P1-12; P1-13
Zak A. P2-24
Zehani K. O-19
Zemskov V.S. P1-03
Zhang J. P1-22
Zhang L. P2-12
Zhao X.B. O-28
Zhou A.J. O-28
Zhu T.J. O-28
Ziggiotti A. I-1
Zlatic V. O-5
Zorbas K P2-18
Zybala R. P2-24