Guideline for Presentation

Guideline for Plenary, Invited and Oral presenter

1. Presentation rooms: Main Hall (1F, Main Conference Hall)
Room A (4F, Meeting Room 401 + 402)
Room B (5F, Meeting Room 501)
Room C (5F, Meeting Room 502)

2. A laptop computer / projector will be provided to all oral presenters.

3. Please be sure to visit PC Center (B1F) to submit your data (in USB or PC) at least 30 min before your presentation. It purposes to confirm the operation of your data with the projector.

4. Presentation times are as follows: For plenary speakers having 45 minutes for presentation. For invited speakers (30 mins), talking time is 25 min and discussion time is 5 min. For the other speakers (15 mins), talking time is 12 min and discussion time is 3 min. Presenters and session chairs are reminded that due to a tight schedule we will be closely adhering to appropriate times for all oral presentations.

Guideline for Poster Session Presenters

1. Presentation venue: The Kobe Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2. Presentation rooms: Poster Session Room 1 (2F, Event Hall)
Poster Session Room 2 (2F, Valencia)

3. Please place your poster on Sunday between 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, and remove it only between 12:00 pm– 2:00 pm on Wednesday. Please do not remove your poster until the Poster Award period will finish on Wednesday 12:00 am. The organizing committee is not responsible for posters which have not removed by this time.

4. Poster boards will be labeled with numbers corresponding to the poster number assigned in the programs. A poster must fit in a space of 160 cm in height and 90 cm in width or smaller. Please also be reminded there will be no poster printing facilities at the conference site.






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