Abstract Submission

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Please note the short guideline for abstract submission below as your first step. You will be asked to select your first and second choice from the topic categories list below that is closer to your subject area. The categories help the scientific program committee to organize abstracts into sessions. The scientific program committee may also regroup the sessions, depending on the number of abstracts in each category.


A: Theory

  • A1: Theoretical study of bulk materials
  • A2: Nanoscale and low-dimension induced effects
  • A3: Novel concept and related physical phenomena
  • A4: Other

B: Thermoelectric Materials

  • B1: Skutterudites
  • B2: Oxides
  • B3: Silicides & Heusler compounds
  • B4: Clathrates & Zintl compounds
  • B5: Pnictides & chalcogenides
  • B6: Organic compounds
  • B7: Novel materials
  • B8: Processing
  • B9: Other

C: Measurement & Characterization

  • C1: Nano/microstructure
  • C2: Properties
  • C3: Other

D: Thermoelectric Modules

  • D1: Design and fabrication
  • D2: Thin film devices
  • D3: Device performance
  • D4: Other

E: Systems & Applications

  • E1: Cooling applications
  • E2: Automotive applications
  • E3: Generator applications
  • E4: Sensor applications
  • E5: Other waste heat recovery
  • E6: Other industrial aspects

F: Other Thermoelectrics

  • F1: Thermionic Converter (TIC)
  • F2: Alkali Metal Thermoelectric Converter (AMTEC)
  • F3: Photon Enhanced Thermionic Emission (PETE)
  • F4: Other

The proceedings will be published as a regular paper in the Journal of Electronic Materials JEM.


Short Guideline for Abstract Submission:

Deadline for Abstracts

23:59 on Friday, March 15, 2013 (JST)

After the deadline, you will receive a message concerning the result of your abstract. If your abstract is accepted, please complete your registration by May 1st, 2013 as the deadline for early registration. Please note that if you do not register for early registration, your abstract will be rejected.


General information

•Oral Presentations:
Contributed talks are 13 minutes long, followed by a 2 minute discussion period.


•Poster Presentations:
You can request to give a short one-minute poster presentation. If you would like to do this, please check the designated box when registering your abstract.
Please also check our One-Stop Service for Poster Preparation "@Poster"

*For both oral and poster presentations, please note that your request may be rejected if the number of requests is more than expected.

Also, please note that if there are many requests for presentations in the same category, you may be requested to combine similar topics into one presentation.


•Requirements for Abstract: Title of Abstract should be no longer than 200 characters. Abstract should be no longer than 2500 characters.


•Charts, tables, graphics and pictures are not permitted to be inserted into the abstract; special characters may be included, however.


•Abstract must be written in English.


•More details on the technical use of the abstract submission system are provided within the submission process.


Instructions for Submissions

•Submission via the Abstract Submission System: All abstracts must be submitted via the Abstract Submission System by clicking the button at the end of this page. Abstracts that are not submitted online will not be accepted. In order to test the accessibility of your computer, we recommend that you check your network environment before the deadline.


•Registration No. and Password are automatically assigned to your abstract at the time of submission. With the Registration No. and Password you will be able to edit your submitted paper(s) until the submission is closed on Friday, March 15, 2013. You will also be requested to enter your Registration No. and Password to receive the acceptance notice. The Secretariat of the 32nd International Conference on Thermoelectrics will not disclose any Password information for security reasons. We highly recommend that you write down your Registration No. for reference.


How to Submit

1) Fill in all of the required fields.

* Registration cannot be accepted unless all of the required fields are filled in.
* Please use single-byte characters for input.
* Regarding symbols, Greek letters and other specific characters, please confirm the instructions on the submission page.

2) Click on the "Next" button.

* Your abstract has not yet been registered at this point.

3) Confirmation

* Check if the data is correctly displayed. If incorrect, click the "Return to Edit (input data can be edited)" button at the bottom of the page to return to the previous page, and edit the data.
* Before submitting, please print this page and check your abstract again for any errors and make any required changes. When the data is printed out successfully, register your text data.
* To submit your abstract, click the "Register" button.

4) Completion of your abstract

* A Registration Completion page will appear and you will be issued a Registration No. and a Password. Using this Registration No. and Password, you can access and revise your abstract as often as necessary until submissions close on Friday, March 15, 2013. We will not disclose your Registration No. or Password if forgotten.
* An e-mail confirmation will be sent to the registrant's e-mail address. If you submitted an abstract, but haven’t received an e-mail confirmation within 48 hours, please contact the secretariat.


We highly recommend that you to write down your Registration No. for reference.




Abstract Submission has been closed.