Please note that the program has been updated on May 10th.

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Plenary Speakers

(1) H. J. Goldsmid (Australia)

Application of the Transverse Thermoelectric Effects 

(2) John W. Fairbanks (USA) 

Vehicular Thermoelectric Applications: New Green Technology 

(3) A. Majumdar (USA)

Solid-State Thermoelectric Energy Conversion: What do we know and where do we go from here 

(4) Qingjie Zhang (China) 

Recent and Prospective Development of Thermoelectric Materials and Devices and their Application in China 

(5) Toshiro Takabatake (Japan) 

Thermoelectric Clathrates with off-center Rattling Ions

 Invited Speakers

(1) Gang Chen (USA)

Theoretical Investigation of Size Effects on Electron and Phonon Thermoelectric Transport in Nanostructures 

(2) Terry Tritt (USA)

High Temperature Thermoelectric Properties of Co4Sb12 Based Skutterudites with Multiple Filler: CezInxYbyCo4Sb12 

(3) C. Uher (USA)

Recent Advances in Skutterudite-Based Thermoelectrics 

(4) J.H. Yang (USA)

Materials and Engineering for Automotive Thermoelectric Applications 

(5) G. Galli (USA) 

Thermal Transport in Nanostructured Semiconductors: a Microscopic View from Atomistic Simulations

(6) Zhifeng Ren (USA)

Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials and Their Potential Applications

(7) Ali Shakouri (USA)

Transient Electro Thermal Transport in Thermoelectric Devices

(8) Joseph P. Heremans(USA)

Resonant Levels Increase the Thermoelectric Figure of Merit

(9) Peidong Yang (USA)

Semiconductor Nanowires for Thermoelectrical Energy Conversion

(10) Li Shi (USA)

Thermoelectric Transport in Nanostructures of Complex Crystals

(11) Hsin Wang (USA)

The Role of Materials Characterization in Thermoelectrics: From Materials Research to Module Production

(12) S. Tanemura (Japan)

Stae-of-the-art of Thermoelectric Materials Research in Nano-structure Lab. of JFCC

(13) K. Koumoto (Japan)

Nanostructuring Approach to Improve Thermoelectric Performance of SrTiO3

(14) S. Tsuda (Japan)

Recent Unique Applications for Thermoelectric Modules

(15) Wooyoung Lee (Korea)

On-Film Formation of Nanowires for High-efficiency Thermoelectric Devices

(16) Yuri Grin (Germany)

Chemical Bonding and Thermoelectric Activity of New Intermetallic Clathrates

(17) Peter Franz Rogl (Austria)

 Multicomponent Clathrates EA8MxGe(Si)46-x-yy of Type I

(18) Yaniv Gelbstein (Israel)

IV-VI Based Alloys for Practical Thermoelectric Applications

(19) J.G. Noudem (France)

Toward the Enhancement of Thermoelectric Properties of Lamellar Ca3Co4O9 by Spark Plasma Sintering Modified

(20) Jingfeng Li (China)

Fabrication Processes of Thermoelectric Microdevices

(21) Hong Liu (China)

A New General Strategy for Preparation of Oriented Chalcogenide Thin Film on Arbitrary Substrates: Spin Coating-Co-reduction Approach

(22) Ling Chen (China)

Rb16Cd25.39(3)Sb36: An Electron Deficient Zintl Phase Containing Infinite Dodecahedron Chains

(23) Hui Gu (China)

       Mechanism of Microstructure Evolution in Yb-filled Skutterudite Structure: A competition Between Solution and Exclusion

(24) Wenqing Zhang (China)

       A Few Aspects on Understanding Contradicted Physical Properties for Thermoelectric Materials Design

(25) Changchun Ge (China)

         Development of Bi-Sb-Te-Se based thermoelectric materials in China