Conference Presidents

Prof. Zhanguo WANG, Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Prof. Hongjie LUO, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Prof. Qingjie ZHANG, Wuhan University of Technology

Organizing Committee

The organizing committee is responsible for the local organization of the ICT2010.



Contact Information

Prof. Lidong CHEN (Chairman) Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy  of Sciences cld [at] mail [dot] sic [dot] ac [dot] cn
Phone: +86-21-52414804
Fax: +86-21-52412403
Prof. Xinbing ZHAO Zhejiang University


Prof. Kexin CHEN National Natural Science Foundation of China


Prof. Xinfeng TANG Wuhan University of Technology


Dr. Hsin Wang Materials Science and Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory  
Dr. Xiangyang HUANG Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy  of Sciences xyhuang [at] mail [dot] sic [dot] ac [dot] cn
Phone: +86-21-52412522
Fax: +86-21-52412403
 Ms. Juanjuan ZHU  (Secretary) Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences jjzhu [at] mail [dot] sic [dot] ac [dot] cn
Phone: +86-21-52412516
Fax: +86-21-52412403


Scientific Program Committee

The scientific committee is responsible for review and classification of the submitted abstracts.


Name Affiliation Contact Information
Prof. Wenqing ZHANG Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy  of Sciences

wqzhang [at] mail [dot] sic [dot] ac [dot] cn
Phone: +86-21-52412416
Fax: +86-21-52412403

Prof. Ctirad UHER University of Michigan, USA


Dr. Jihui YANG Materials & Processes Lab, GM R&D Center, USA


Prof. David ROWE Cardiff University, UK


Dr. Ryoji FUNAHASHI Nanotechnology Research Institute, AIST, Japan


Prof. Jingfeng LI Tsinghua University, China


Dr. Xihong CHEN Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences xhchen [at] mail [dot] sic [dot] ac [dot] cn
Dr. Jiong YANG Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

yangjio4849 [at] mail [dot] sic [dot] ac [dot] cn