Information on Manuscripts

Manuscripts accepted for publication in the ICT2010 Proceedings will appear in a special issue of the Journal of Electronic Materials (JEM).JEM submission guidelines should be followed.

Please submit your paper formatted in one coloumn, double spaced. This is important for the further processing steps.
Contrary to the guidelines, abstracts can have up to 200 words, if desired (this is the only exception we are allowed).
There has been some confusion about the page limit, which we would like to clarify:
JEM has no limitations on the number of pages for their regularly published papers, and their submission system has no way of enforcing a limit for this special issue. Limiting your submission to 4 typeset pages (not 4 double spaced pages as submitted) is a traditional recommendation from the ITS to keep the proceedings at a reasonable size (remember, there are close to 400 submissions).
According to JEM, there is no sure way for them to tell how many pages a paper will have until the final typeset (due to the different number of pictures, their size, formulas, etc.). Therefore we can only encourage you to use your own best judgement when writing your paper. Otherwise, when in doubt, follow the guidelines.


  Deadlines for Manuscripts:
• Confirmation of acceptance as oral or poster: March 14, 2010.
• Mandatory deadline for manuscripts: May 30, 2010.Manuscripts submitted after this date will not be accepted.


  Submitting a Manuscript:
Please read these guidelines before submitting your manuscript.
Visit this link:

If this is the first time you submit a manuscript to the Journal of Electronic Materials, click "register" and follow the directions to set up your new account. After having finished your registration you may login.
If you are a returning or registered user, please click "submit a manuscript."
Select article type as "ICT2010."

A wide range of submission file formats are supported, including: Word, WordPerfect, RTF, TXT, TIFF, GIF, JPEG, EPS, LaTeX2E, TeX, Postscript, PICT, Excel, Tar, Zip and PowerPoint.


  PDF is not an acceptable file format!

Please upload your manuscript only ONCE. After uploading your manuscript, it will be automatically formatted as a PDF file. You will be sent an e-mail requesting the approval of your submission. Please return to the main menu and APPROVE your submission accordingly.
When you have successfully uploaded and approved your manuscript, please click the following link:Consent to Publish and Transfer of Copyright  form. Please, print this form, fill it out and return it by fax or mail to the address stated on the form.