Call for Papers

Deadline for abstracts March 1, 2010

The abstract submission system is now offline.

Please note the short guideline for abstract submission for your first step.
You will be asked to select one of the topic categories list below that is close to your work. The categories help the scientific program committee to organize abstracts into sessions. The scientific program committee may also regroup the sessions, depending on the number of abstracts in each category.
Please choose one of the categories:

A: Theory
  A1: theoretical study of bulk materials
  A2: nanoscale and low-dimension induced effects
  A3: novel concept and related physical phenomenon

B:  Thermoelectric Materials
  B1: skutterudites
  B2: oxides
  B3: silicides & Heusler compounds
  B4: clathrates & zintl compounds
  B5: antimonides & tellurides
  B6: novel materials

C: Measurement & Characterization
  C2: properties

D: Thermoelectric Modules
  D1: design and fabrication
  D2: thin film devices
  D3: device performance

E: System & Industrial Applications
  E1: cooling applications
  E2: automotive applications
  E3: generator applications
  E4: other waste heat recovery
  E5: other industrial aspects


The proceedings will be published as regular paper in the Journal of Electronic Materials JEM.

Short Guideline for Abstract Submission:

  • Abstract Submission is only possible via the online-form. Abstracts that are not submitted online will not be accepted!

  • If you have never used this abstract submission system before, please first create a new account. With this account you will be able to edit your submitted paper(s) until the submission will be closed on March 1, 2010.

  • Technical advices:

    • Please prepare your paper only in the word(.doc) formats.

    • Charts, table, graphics and pictures cannot be inserted into the abstract, special characters may be included though.

    • The maximum number of words is 300.

    • Please, format your paper only in a standard font as “Arial” or “Times New Roman”; the formatting for use of your paper within the abstract book will be done automatically after submission by the system.

    • More details on the technical use of the abstract submission system is provided directly within the submission process.

  • Please note that you will receive three messages about the abstract submission:registration at the abstract submission system, upload the abstract successfully and the abstract is accepted.

The abstract submission system is now offline.

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