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XVI International Conference on Thermoelectrics 1997

August 26 (Tuesday) - 29 (Friday) 1997
Dresden (Germany) Hotel Art'otel

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Supported by

  • International Thermoelectric Society
    European Thermoelectric Society

Organized by

  • Institute of Solid State and Materials Research (IFW) Dresden, Germany

Sponsored by

  • Saxon State Minister of Science and Art

Conference Objectives

The XVI International Conference on Thermoelectrics ICT'97 follows the traditional concept of the ICT series and will cover a broad range of topics in thermoelectric research and development. The meeting intends to provide scientists, engineers, manufacturers and users with a forum for exchange of recent developments in all fields of thermoelectricity.

Conference Topics

Thermoelectric materials
  • bulk materials, thin films and heterostructures
  • preparation and processing techniques
  • characterization of structure and transport properties
  • modelling
Basic aspects of thermoelectricity
  • theoretical thermoelectrics
  • novel approaches and applications
  • measuring methods
  • apparatuses
Thermoelectric devices and systems
  • power generators, coolers and heat pumps
  • sensors and detectors
  • systems containing thermoelectric components
  • design fabrication and testing
  • economics, cost criteria and marketing

International Advisory Committee

J.-P. Fleurial (Pasadena ,USA)
H.J. Goldsmid (Woodford, Australia)
T. Kajikawa (Kanagawa, Japan)
K. Matsubara (Ube, Japan)
M. Rowe (Cardiff, UK)
H. Scherrer (Nancy, France)
G.A. Slack (Troy, USA)
T.M. Tritt (Clemson, USA)
M. Vedernikov (St. Petersburg, Russia)
H. Warlimont (Dresden, Germany)

  • Organizing Committee

    A. Heinrich, Chairman, IFW Dresden
    J. Schumann, IFW
    C.B.Vining, Auburn AL (USA)
    U. Brüstel, IFW
    H. Böttner, FhG Freiburg
    A. Hellwig, IFW
    W.-J. Fischer, University Dresden
    E. Müller, DLR Köln
    J. Schilz, DLR Köln
    M. Stölzer, University Halle
    F. Völklein, FHS Wiesbaden


Institute of Solid State and Materials Research Dresden
Helmholtzstr. 20
D-01069 Dresden

Armin Heinrich
ICT97 Conference Chairman
phone: (+49 351) 4659 533
fax: (+49 351) 4659 537
e-mail : a.heinrich@ifw-dresden.de
Joachim Schumann
ICT97 Technical Program Chairman
phone: (+49 351) 4659 643
fax: (+49 351) 4659 780
e-mail: ict97@ifw-dresden.de
Anke Hellwig
ICT97 Exhibition Chairman
phone: (+49 351) 4659 424
fax: (+49 351) 4659 600
e-mail: a.hellwig@ifw-dresden.de

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