Local Organizing Committee

This committee is responsible for the local organization of the ICT/ECT 2009.

Elmar Wagner - President
Harald Böttner - Chairman
Dirk Ebling - Sponsoring/Exhibition
Holger Kock - Marketing
Martin Jägle - Elections
Jan König - Social Program
Anja Strobel - Public Relations
Raimar Rostek - Chairman Assistant


Scientific Committee

The scientific committee is responsible for review and classification of the submitted abstracts. It is composed of various experts in the field of thermoelectrics:

Alexandre Jacquot
Anke Weidenkaff
Cestmir Drasar
Ctirad Uher
David Johnson
Dirk Ebling
Eckhard Müller
Jan König
Joachim Nurnus
Juri Grin
Martin Jägle
Rama Venkatasubramanian
Yaniv Gelbstein


Their invaluable help is gratefully acknowledged by all members of the organization committee.