The scientific program comprises invited lectures, oral presentations and two poster sessions. Topics will cover the whole range from theoretical approaches to industrial aspects including marketability of thermoelectric technology.

The pdf-files below contain the full conference program (including talks and posters) and an overview timetable:

The program has been updated, and we would like to encourage everyone to check the status and time of their presentation or poster. Please let us know if there are any mistakes.

Presentation Guidelines

Poster Size:

The size of your poster should not exceed 1.40 m (height) and 1.00 m (width).

There are no additional requirements for the posters, you are free in the design, size and type of poster. Poster boards and pins will be available.

We can not offer any print services on site, and all print shops in Freiburg will be closed on Sunday. We therefore recommend to bring the finished poster to the conference with you.    

Important Update:

Presenting authors will be allowed to use their own laptops. Switchboxes will be provided in every room, to allow simultaneous hookup of multiple computers to the projector (as common in e.g. MRS meetings). As announced earlier, there will also be a shared presentation laptop available for authors who do not wish to use their own equipment.

Presenting authors

Please familiarize yourself with the following guidelines for all presenting authors. Your cooperation will be appreciated and will help keep the meeting on schedule for the benefit of all attendees.


-         The equipment available in every room will consist of: projector and screen, (wireless) microphones for the speaker and audience questions, laser pointer, switchbox for hooking up multiple computers and a shared presentation laptop for MS PowerPoint presentations. Overhead projectors will not be available if not specifically requested.


-         It is strongly recommended to check the functionality of your equipment at least one day in advance of your scheduled talk. Technical assistance, as well as computers will be available for any questions and necessary last minute adjustments.


-         All presentations in a session have to be set up and tested in the preceding break (before the first talk in the morning or during coffee break or lunch break). There will be no time or opportunity to connect computers or upload presentation files during an ongoing session. Due to the tight conference schedule and parallel sessions, it is especially important to maintain the published presentation times.


-         If you are using your own laptop, please make sure to bring a power cord and all necessary special connectors (e.g. proprietary video connectors for Apple computers). It is also recommended to have an emergency backup copy of your talk available.


-         Presentations should be saved in MS PowerPoint format on a CD or USB stick for use on the shared presentation laptop. Please check for compatibility well in advance of your session.


-         The conference organizers are not responsible for the security of any personal belongings.


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