Call for Papers

Deadline for abstracts March 1, 2009

Abstract submission is now closed.

Please, note the short guideline for abstract submission.

You are invited to present your work across a broad spectrum of topics pertinent to the interdisciplinary area of thermoelectrics:

A: Theory & Modelling
A1: bulk thermoelectric materials
A2: nanoscale induced effects
A3: modelling of thermal and electrical junctions
A4: modelling of modules
A5: modelling of application systems

B: Materials
B1: classical thermoelectric materials (e.g. V2-VI3, IV-VI, SiGe)
B2: oxides
B3: clathrates
B4: silicides
B5: skutterudites
B6: half-Heusler
B7: thin film materials
B8: nanostructured thermoelectric materials
B9: novel (other) thermoelectric compounds
B10: organic thermoelectric materials

C: Metrology
C1: structural characterization of bulk, thin film and nanoscale materials
C2: thermoelectric characterization of bulk materials
C3: thermoelectric characterization of nanoscale and thin film materials
C4: standardization for thermoelectric metrology

D: Modules
D1: progress in module development
D2: modules for high temperature materials
D3: thin film devices
D4: device performance and characterization

E: Application
E1: automotive applications
E2: other waste heat recovery
E3: generator applications
E3: cooling applications
E4: thermoelectric conversion for self-sustaining power supplies

F: Industrial aspects
F1: markets for thermoelectrics
F2: commodities
F3: production technologies
F4: recycling concepts & environmental aspects

G: Miscellaneous

The proceedings will be published as regular paper in the Journal of Electronic Materials JEM.

Short Guideline for Abstract Submission:
  • Abstract Submission is only possible via the online-form. Abstracts that are not submitted online will not be accepted!
  • If you have never used this abstract submission system before, please first create a new account. With this account you will be able to edit your submitted paper(s) until the submission will be closed on March 1, 2009.
  • If you intend to submit several papers please only create one account and submit all your papers via this personal account
  • Technical advices:
    • Please prepare your paper only in the following formats: .rtf., .txt. or .doc. enter/copy parts of your text from your text editing programme and paste these into relevant abstract sections
    • Charts, table, graphics and pictures cannot be inserted into the abstract, special characters may be included though.
    • The maximum number of words is 200.
    • Please, format your paper only in a standard font as “Arial” or “Times New Roman”; the formatting for use of your paper within the abstract book will be done automatically after submission by the system.
    • More details on the technical use of the abstract submission system is provided directly within the submission process.

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