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The 2012 annual conference of the

International Thermoelectric Society

Organized and hosted by

Department of Energy Technology

ICT/ECT Joint Conference 2012, July 9-12, 2012, Aalborg, Denmark
“Materials. Devices. Systems. Designing the future. Now.”


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Aalborg is the second largest event hosting city in Denmark, and is located in the Northern part of Denmark, at the gateway to the largest holiday region in Southern Scandinavia. Aalborg is a city of some 120,000 inhabitants, and is easily accessible by air, road or rail.

Aalborg is a multi-faceted city - full of contrasts. On one hand, dynamic, up to date and international. On the other, an ancient Danish provincial capital that has always cherished its history and unique atmosphere. All the major city attractions are concentrated within easy distance. From fast-paced fun to peaceful oases. From a foaming draft beer to sublime gastronomy. From the Viking era to the Middle Ages, to modern art.
The city’s recently restored waterfront has much to offer for the outdoor and curious visitor. With its many open-air sports and recreations areas, the waterfront invites both active guests and those with lust for life. Near the waterfront you will find the conference venue, Nordkraft, and the architectural astonishing Utzon Center, designed by the architect Jørn Utzon who also designed the well-known Opera House in Sydney.
Aalborg is a relaxed and fun-loving city. That is what conference visitors always notice. It requires no effort at all to fit in with Aalborg’s “feel good” atmosphere. Just take a leisurely stroll through Aalborg’s picturesque, historic centre and you will start to feel great. There are narrow, winding streets, wonky old houses, interesting galleries – and a wonderful selection of cafés, restaurants and exciting shops.

And just outside of Aalborg you have the Danish holiday country at its very best. With great bathing beaches, a stunning countryside, historic sights and amusements.
One of the essential and unique characteristics of Aalborg is the matter of distance. Here, the major part of the hotels, restaurants, cafés, shops and attractions are placed in or nearby the city centre making it possible to come around without using any means of transport.

Good to know

You may find a map of Aalborg providing you with an overview of where everything (hotels, restaurants, shopping streets) is situated in proportion to each other here:
Map of Aalborg City.


During your stay, get a chance to explore the cultural vibe in Aalborg either by strolling down the newly established waterfront in the evening or exploring the inner city visiting its art museums and galleries. Please visit the official Tourist Bureau’s website VisitAalborg to get more information on attractions, activities and events etc.


With its abundance of shops Aalborg is an eldorado for anyone who loves to shop. But, whatever you do, don’t miss the minor streets. They are packed with exciting little shops
selling the work of young designers and craftspeople. You never know what you’ll find.
 Opening hours:
 Mon-Thurs 10AM-5.30PM
 Fri: 10AM-19PM
 Sat: 10AM-15PM
 Sun: 11AM-15PM (only the 1st Sunday of the month)
Read more about shopping streets here or about Friis Shopping Centre. Friis Shopping Centre has longer opening hours than regular shops. Monday-Friday 10AM-7PM, Saturday 10Am-4PM, and 1st Sunday of the month 10AM-4PM.

Running and jogging

Even when staying in the city, beautiful oases of nature – perfect for a great work out – are never far away. A different experience awaits you, if you go for a run in Mølleparken during twilight. Here, you can follow a 2.5 km route lit up by lanterns. Please ask your hotel for inspiration.

The weather

The weather in Denmark varies with the seasons. Denmark has a temperate climate and can be humid and overcast. The winters are usually mild and windy, and the summers can be cool or sunny. The weather in Denmark is a popular subject for discussion as it often changes from day to day and even during the day. It is therefore a good idea to bring a coat or an umbrella for outdoor activities. To check the weather forecast when you visit Aalborg, please visit the website of the Danish Meteorological Institute for the latest forecast. 

Aalborg Beerwalk

Need a beer after a day with lots of impressions? An Aalborg Beerwalk makes an agreeable finish to a busy day and a perfect start to a fun afternoon or evening in Aalborg. Treat yourself to an Aalborg Beerwalk and taste 6 well-poured, special beers in 6 great pubs in the centre of Aalborg.
The Aalborg Beerwalk consists of: an Aalborg Beerwalk tasting glass, vouchers for 6 samples of excellent beer, a guide to 6 charming handpicked pubs in Aalborg, and a lot of fun. At each pub you simply present a voucher and they will pour you a sample in your very own Aalborg Beerwalk tasting glass.
Please visit Aalborg Beerwalk to read more about the concept.

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