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The 2012 annual conference of the

International Thermoelectric Society

Organized and hosted by

Department of Energy Technology

ICT/ECT Joint Conference 2012, July 9-12, 2012, Aalborg, Denmark
“Materials. Devices. Systems. Designing the future. Now.”


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Social Programme

Mayor's welcome reception at the Utzon Center

Monday, July 9th

The Utzon Center was designed by the world famous architect Jørn Utzon (he who designed the Sydney Opera House) and his son, Kim Utzon. The Utzon Center was inaugurated in 2008 and was the last master piece designed by Jørn Utzon. The Utzon Center is situated close to the conference venue Nordkraft and is now an academic and exhibition centre at international levels.
Appetizers and beverages will be served at the welcome reception. 

Chocolate course

Tuesday afternoon, July 10th - only for accompanying persons

Learn about the process from cocoa to chocolate and experience and try yourself how to produce the products which are sold at stores in Aalborg.

The course will last between 1½ and 2 hours and leaving the course you may take half a kilo of chocolate with you. Beer, soft drinks, water and coffee will be served.

Aalborg Chokoladen is a chocolate workshop where fine handmade chocolate is made after old traditions always based on the wishes and needs of the customers. The chocolate and confection are made according to own recipes which have been passed from one of Aalborg’s finest confectioner's shops since 1934.
 Price per person DKK 330 (EUR 45).
 Min. 15 participants.

Guided tour in the city of Aalborg (optional)

Tuesday, July 10th

The tour starts at the conference venue, Nordkraft, where you will get a short introduction to the interesting building, which used to be a power plant, but presently includes theatres, restaurants, art exhibitions and much more. Hereafter we will walk via the recently renovated waterfront towards the famous Utzon Center.

Jørn Utzon and his sons are the architects behind this magnificent building. You will be given an introduction to the building and the present art- and architecture exhibitions and you will also be invited to join a short guided tour in the Utzon Center to experience the fascinating building from inside.  
The guided tour will also include a trip on Limfjorden with MS Kysten. Here you will be able to see the waterfront, Nordkraft and the Utzon Center from a different point of view; the water! This trip will also take you past the old castle, Aalborghus, and Toldbold Plads, which will be presented by the guide.
Hereafter we will pass Jens Bangs Stenhus, a beautiful old building in the heart of Aalborg. This house from the renaissance is one of the most famous buildings in Aalborg and it also accommodates Duus Wine Cellar, where we will end our tour with a typical Danish meal; Danish open sandwiches, chilled draught beer and Snaps!
 Price per person DKK 350 (EUR 47).
 Min. 60 participants.

Conference banquet at Rober’s Camp in Rold Forest

Wednesday, July 11th

The spectacular location of the conference dinner is the Robber Camp in the Forest of Rold, the largest forest area in Denmark.
For centuries, this area was known as a dubious place for ordinary people to be - especially at night. In the dark, the Rold Robbers would make their move and attack people who, for one reason or the other, had to pass through the forest, which was the only way to get from North to South at that time being.

The atmosphere of the past will be recreated when the robbers are resurrected in order to make a trilling event with a touch of Danish local history.
You will arrive at the entrance of Rebild National Park, where robbers greet you and follow you into the forest to the Robber’s Camp. Here you will be put to the test in a variety of amusing competitions – for example, long sawing, axe throwing and archery.
After a beautiful walk through the forest and the competitions, the dinner is served at candle lid tables under the magnificent tree tops, sheltered by large canvas awnings. During the dinner robber stories and entertainment will keep you alert and make the evening unforgettable!
Of course, the dress code of this evening is outdoor/casual - warm clothes and practical shoes are highly recommended!
The conference banquet is included in the registration fee.

Guided tour to Skagen - Denmark's top holiday destination (optional)

Thursday afternoon and evening, July 12th

Skagen is a picturesque fishing village and the most northern situated town in Denmark. It’s probably the most popular Danish destination for Danes and foreign visitors alike and this tour will show you why.
In Skagen, Grenen is a must! Here at the very top of the European continent, the waters of Kattegat and Skagerrak meet - one of the few places in the world where this phenomenon can be experienced. You can only reach Grenen by walking or by driving in the tractor-driven train, Sandormen (the sand worm) - a traditional North Danish experience!
After visiting Grenen, you will be taken to the centre of Skagen, where the yellow Skagen houses are characteristic for the old township. In Skagen you will have the opportunity to join a guided tour of the famous Skagens Museum.
The combination of the sea and sand all around Skagen creates a very special light, a distinctive feature of the town. The world-famous paintings of Michael and Anna Ancher and P.S. Krøyer conveyed this unique Nordic light best of all – they all lived in Skagen. Be attracted and inspired by the same light at Skagens Museum and take time to enjoy the masterpieces of the Golden Age at this unsurpassed museum. The collections include more than 1800 items mainly from the period 1870-1930. From the end of the 1870's and up to the turn of the century, Skagen was an international meeting place for young artists.
You’ll also have some time to take a stroll on your own through the charming, picturesque city centre with craft centres, workshops and small specialist shops.

The dinner will be enjoyed at a nice restaurant in Skagen.

Price per person DKK 975 (EUR 130) incl. coach, guide, Sandormen, dinner and admission fee to Skagens Museum.
Min. 25 participants.



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