The International Conference Thermoelectrics - ICT98
held in Nagoya, Japan
May 24-28, 1998

ICT98 Photo Album

Home Up Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Board #1 Board #2 Richard Buist D. Micheal Rowe Sessions - Bass Goldsmid Dresselhaus Tanuma-san Vedernikov A. F. Ioffe Panel - Rowe Panel - Mathi Banquet Host Banquet Host2 Banquet Host3 Banquet Rowe Banquet Pazik Banquet Ohta Banquet Musicians Banquet Dancers Banquet Dancers2 Kimono Farewell Farewell NIFS-Fusion NIFS-Fusion Lunch! Lunch! Washi - Paper Sword Making Sword Making Sword Making Sword Making Pre-Cormorant Fireworks! More Fireworks!

The ICTs have developed a rich tradition of social events intermixed with the technical discussions.  These social activities foster strong bonds between Society members and often lead to new and productive interactions and collaborations.   ICT98 was no exeception and included a Reception, Welcome Party, a Banquet, Farewell Party and a Post-Conference Excursion.  ICT98 also featured a unique Evening Seminar.

The following pages contain photos taken at ICT98 in Nagoya, Japan.   Hopefully they capture some of the essense of the meeting.  Those of you that attended can refresh your memories of the event, and those who didn't can get some idea of what you missed.


And if for any reason you wish to see the Announcements that brought people to Nagoya, we've kept those here also.

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